Position: Executive Chef

I first became involved in catering as a 16-year-old when I embarked on a live-in apprenticeship. Here I was taught my craft, learning about the basic principles of cooking, such as how to take down a side of beef into each primal (fillet, sirloin, rib). A complex task, but very satisfying when you see the end result. From here I became hooked, and I guess the rest is history.

Unlike most people I really relish my morning drive into work. This gives me time to reflect on the day ahead and put together my to-do list. A chef must be creative but also must be organised!

Receiving feedback from our clients, whether it is positive or negative, is vital to us doing a great job. I love the fact that we recognise the importance of talking with our clients and customers. Our ability to listen, and to be open to new ideas, is what enables us to deliver The New Standard in catering.

I love the fact that I am given the support centrally to drive a service on the ground that is right for my clients and customers. As our leadership team are all Chefs, we never make decisions in the boardroom that are detrimental to the food that we serve.