Having won Arm Ltd in 2006 serving 200 people a day, we have now expanded our catering services to five locations in Cambridge and nine others across the UK. This contract now sees us serving over 2,500 valued employees daily. During this rapid expansion we worked closely with arm’s senior management team to adapt their catering facilities and social spaces. This included pop-up concepts to allow for investment works to take place without marginalising the customer’s experience, as well as interchangeable menus that catered for the changing employee volumes. The key to this contact has been a partnership relationship that has seen us emotionally and financially invested in the client’s success.
During the last 13 years, we have been able to continually improve the catering offer because we have stayed close to customer opinion. We have created a live feedback mechanism, which enables us to understand how we are performing on any given day. This has allowed us to introduce a new and bespoke coffee blend, as well as launch an internal well-being programme which educates employees on the importance of a nutritionally balanced diet.
Executive Chef, Simon Blunt, has led the forty strong on-site catering team to create some industry leading menus, whilst promoting and hosting numerous local suppliers. We are very proud of this contract as it exemplifies all aspects of the new standard.

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