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23rd Feb 2019 Saturday 23rd February 2019 Perseus Times No.37263 Free

Congratulations Caroline!

Authored by T(n)S Catering

Tim & Phil presenting Caroline Scott our first ever site based employee with a selection of goodies and treats celebrating and thanking her for her 15 years of great service.

Now that’s a long time… starting off as evening Supervisor, then Chef Manager at a couple of key sites in Plymouth, Ops Support Manager and now Operations Manager for our Business in the South West of the Country.

What a brilliant feat of persistence, hard work and tenacity Caroline has demonstrated over the years. The Directors and your work colleagues thank you for your commitment, hard work and humour… keep up the great work.

Special Announcement!

Congratulations to Caroline who has celebrated 15 years with T(n)S Catering! There have been some amazing times & we've all enjoyed working with her. She uses her 007 rank wisely and with caution!

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