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7th Dec 2019 Saturday 7th December 2019 Perseus Times No.37263 Free

Pride Award for Richard Farrow

Authored by T(n)S Catering

Richard has really taken on the opportunities that catering at Jacobs offered. Following meetings with our client, we were tasked with removing all single use plastic; Richard readily accepted this challenge at site level. Below is fantastic feedback received from our client.

“Richard has taken up the challenge to make our Restaurant probably one of the most sustainable outlets around.

He has avidly sourced wooden take-away cutlery, cardboard take-away boxes for porridge, soup, and fruit/dessert pots, compostable veggieware hot beverage cups and lids, milk for the offices in glass bottles, all plastic bottles replaced with cans making the Restaurant and Deli-Bar plastic-free. 

The water fountain single use plastic cups have been replaced with glasses. Coffee for those consuming in-house is available in china mugs, giving a 10p discount to those using their own.

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